Clatronic Double hot air fryer FR 3804 H black

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  • With a capacity of 8.0 liters and two separate containers, our hot air fryer provides space for all your culinary ideas – double the joy, double the flavor
  • Our large fryer allows for oil-free frying, so you can enjoy crispy delights without unwanted oil - where health meets taste
  • Thanks to two separate frying containers and individual control, you can prepare different dishes simultaneously without flavor mixing - unleash your creativity
  • With 8 automatic programs, variable thawing/keeping warm function, and the "Just In Time" system, preparing your favorite dishes becomes child's play - perfect timing for your meals
  • Our hot air fryer shines not only in the kitchen but also with cool-touch handles, sensor touch controls, and a non-stick coating - enjoy delicious dishes with ease and safety


Capacity: approx. 2x 4.0 litres = 8.0 litres

  • Oil and fat free double hot air fryer
    – 2 separate frying containers (2x 4.0 litres capacity)
    – Single and combined operation possible
    – Separate control via 2 sensor touch control panels
    – No flavour mixing due to two separate frying containers
    – Simultaneous frying of 2 different dishes
    – 2 independent cooking zones
  • Programs/functions:
    – 8 automatic programs
    – Variable defrost/keep-warm function
    – Individual time/temperature setting
    – „Just in time“ system - meals with different cooking times or temperatures are prepared simultaneously for precise serving
  • Low smoke and odour emission
  • Time and energy-saving preparation
  • Cool touch handles
  • 2 LED displays with sensor touch operation
  • Non-stick coated containers
  • 2 separate adjustable thermostats (80 °C–200 °C)
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Overheating protection
  • 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 2700 W

Your kitchen will never be the same again, as the Clatronic Double Hot Air Fryer FR 3804 H transforms cooking into an exciting adventure! With a generous capacity of 8.0 liters in two separate 4.0-liter containers, it provides enough space for all your creative ideas. This fryer is more than just a kitchen appliance. With its oil-free technology, it allows you to create healthy meals that are just as crispy as fried delicacies. The two separate frying containers allow you to prepare different dishes at the same time without mixing flavors. No compromises, just variety on your plate! With 8 automatic programs and individual time and temperature settings, you can customize every dish to your liking. The "Just In Time" system ensures that your meals are served on time, even if they require different cooking times. Enjoy cooking without annoying smoke and odors. This fryer not only makes cooking healthier but also more pleasant for your senses. The Clatronic FR 3804 H also offers maximum comfort and safety. Cool-touch handles ensure safe handling, while the 2 LED displays with sensor touch controls make operation effortless. The non-stick-coated containers make cleaning easy, and the 2 separately adjustable thermostats, along with overheat protection, guarantee worry-free cooking.

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Operating instructions FR3804H_Guarantee.pdf
Operating instructions FR3804H_IM.pdf
Operating instructions FR3804H_SI.pdf


Operating instructions FR3804H_Guarantee.pdf
Operating instructions FR3804H_IM.pdf
Operating instructions FR3804H_SI.pdf

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