Clatronic Kneading machine KM 3765 titan

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  • Performance - Powerful 1500W motor for effortless kneading and mixing - Achieve the desired consistency in your doughs with ease. The strong motor of the large mixer ensures powerful mixing and easily kneads even heavy doughs
  • Accessories - The aluminum die-cast mixing hook of the kitchen machine effortlessly handles light doughs such as shortcrust, crumble, or sponge dough. The aluminum die-cast kneading hook, on the other hand, is perfect for heavy doughs like yeast, bread, or pasta dough. And with the stainless steel whisk, you can effortlessly whip up egg whites, cream, meringue mixtures, and much more
  • Capacity - The XXL mixer has a generous 10-liter stainless steel bowl for dough preparation up to 6 – 6.5 kg of dough. Prepare doughs in larger quantities without sacrificing quality and precision. The 10.0-liter stainless steel bowl provides ample space for efficient dough preparation
  • Reliability - The large kneading machine has a durable metal gearbox that handles even the most demanding tasks. Rely on long-lasting, reliable performance, no matter which culinary challenges you want to master
  • Safety - The kitchen machine is equipped with a transparent splash guard lid, which not only allows for clean work but also provides a practical refill opening. The safety circuit automatically stops the machine when the arm is raised to prevent injuries
  • Robust kneading machine with resistant
    metal gear
  • 8 speed levels (0/1/2/3/4/5/6 + pulse)
  • Extra-large 10 litre stainless steel bowl for max. 6–6.5 kg dough
  • High-performance long-life professional motor (1500 watt)
  • Consistent performance due to load-dependent electronic
    rotation speed control
  • Aluminium die-cast kneading hooks for heavy dough like yeast
    dough, bread dough or pasta dough
  • Aluminium die-cast stirring hook for light dough like short pastry
    dough, crumble dough or sponge mixture
  • Stainless steel whisk for whipping of egg white, cream, meringue
    and many others
  • 35° swivelling multi-purpose arm
  • Unlocking mechanism for multipurpose arm
  • Safety circuit – machine stops when lifting the arm
  • Rotary switch (white illuminated)
  • High quality chrome application
  • Transparent splash guard lid with refill opening
  • Soft start for slow mixing
  • Easy to operate and to clean
  • High stability due to suction feet
  • Quick-action chuck for holding the tools
  • 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1500 W

Experience a robust kneading machine, distinguished by its durable metal gearbox. This machine offers 8 precise speed levels (0/1/2/3/4/5/6 + Pulse), providing you the flexibility to prepare a variety of dough types. With an extra-large 10-liter stainless steel bowl, you can effortlessly process up to 6-6.5 kg of dough.

At the heart of this machine is its powerful 1500-watt Longlife professional motor. Thanks to the load-dependent electronic speed control, its performance remains consistently strong. For heavier doughs, like yeast, bread, or pasta dough, an aluminum die-cast kneading hook is at your disposal. The aluminum die-cast mixing hook masters lighter doughs, such as shortcrust, crumble, or sponge cake. The stainless steel whisk is perfect for whipping up egg whites, cream, and meringue mixtures.

A special feature is the 35° swiveling multifunction arm, equipped with a release mechanism. If you lift the arm, a safety circuit ensures the machine stops immediately. The control panel, with its white illuminated rotary switch and high-quality chrome applications, gives the device an elegant touch.

The transparent splash guard lid with refill opening prevents messy splashes and facilitates refilling. Soft start ensures gentle and smooth stirring initiation. This machine is not only easy to use but also simple to clean. Suction feet provide additional stability on your workspace. A quick-release chuck allows easy tool changes. Powered by 220–240 V and 50/60 Hz, the machine consistently delivers an impressive 1500 W of power.

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Operating instructions KM3765_IM.pdf


Operating instructions KM3765_IM.pdf

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