Clatronic Milk frother MS 3326

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  • The Clatronic milk frother delivers fluffy milk froth in seconds, both hot and cold, for versatile coffee creations as well as hot chocolate and iced coffee
  • The integrated heating function of the milk frother allows for the preparation of hot and cold chocolate drinks - a practical aid for every household
  • Large 750ml stirring container with non-stick coating inside and out for efficient and easy preparation of up to 500ml of creamy milk froth
  • The 3 function switches of the electric milk frother can be used to choose between frothing warm milk, frothing cold milk, and warming milk (without frothing)
  • Removable lid and stirring container make for an uncomplicated cleaning of the milk frother - less hassle after enjoying your coffee
  • Integrated heating function
  • Creates foamy milk in seconds
  • Also suitable for hot and cold chocolate
  • Mixing container (750 ml)
  • Non-stick coated (inside/outside)
  • Amount of milk foam: approx. 500 ml
  • Electronic 3-function switch
    • Froth the milk warm
    • Froth the milk cold – ideal for iced coffee
    • Heat the milk
  • Built-in heating element
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Incl. lid with splash guard function
  • Mixing bowl and lid removable for easy cleaning
  • Power Supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power input: 600 W

Discover the joy that a perfect milk froth can bring with the Clatronic milk frother. This sleek and efficient device has everything you need to create the most varied coffee creations, from cappuccinos and lattes to exotic iced coffees and chocolaty delights.

With its appealing design and user-friendly operation, the milk frother seamlessly fits into any kitchen environment, becoming an indispensable companion for your coffee breaks. In a matter of seconds, it delivers fluffy milk froth, both hot and cold, opening up a new world of coffee indulgence for you.

The integrated heating function is another highlight of this all-rounder. It allows you to prepare both hot and cold chocolate drinks, making it a practical addition to every household. And thanks to the large 750ml stirring container, you can prepare larger quantities of creamy milk froth - ideal for spoiling your family and friends.

The Clatronic milk frother is also very easy to clean. The removable lid and stirring container allow for uncomplicated cleaning, so you spend less time tidying up and more time enjoying your delicious drinks.

It's time to take your coffee to the next level. With the Clatronic milk frother, every sip becomes a special experience. Experience it for yourself!

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This product may contain substances of very high concern (SVHC) within the meaning of the REACH regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)) with a concentration of more than 0.1%. Their designations and further information can be found under the following link:


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