Clatronic Ice cream maker ICM 3799 white

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  • 2in1 Ice Cream and Yogurt Maker: With this convenient Ice Cream Maker, you can create not only delicious ice cream but also refreshing (frozen) yogurt - all with just one machine
  • Quick Enjoyment in 20-25 Minutes: With the Clatronic self-cooling ice cream machine, you no longer have to wait hours for tasty ice cream or yogurt. In just a short time, your fresh ingredients will be transformed into icy delights ready to be enjoyed
  • Professional Compressor for Effortless Cooling: No more worries about complicated freezing or cumbersome chilling. The built-in professional compressor of the Ice Maker ensures that your ice cream and yogurt are perfectly cooled without any effort on your part
  • Generous Portions for the Whole Family: With a capacity of up to 1000 ml, the Clatronic Ice Cream and Yogurt Machine allows you to prepare plenty of delicious treats for the whole family or friends. Share the joy and experience culinary delight together
  • Everything Included: The ice cream maker set comes with an ice cream scoop and a measuring cup, making it easy to measure the perfect amount of ingredients and effortlessly portion the ice cream or yogurt. Start your uncomplicated ice cream and yogurt adventure right away!
  • 2in1 – Ice cream and yoghurt maker for preparing for ice cream, yoghurt, frozen yoghurt and sorbet
  • High-quality LCD display
  • Digital timer (preset times)
  • 4 programs
  • Preparation time: 20–25 min.
  • For up to 1000 ml ice cream
  • Ice at the touch of a button – add ingredients, start and enjoy a few minutes later
  • Professional compressor for fully automatic cooling
  • Transparent lid
  • Incl. recipe suggestions
  • Removable ice cream maker (H: 10.0 cm; Ø 12.0 cm), stirring element and motor housing for easy cleaning
  • Stirring element with powerful, quiet motor
  • Secure stand due to rubberized feet
  • Incl. ice scraper and measuring cup
  • 220–240 V, 50 Hz, 100 W

Discover the magic of homemade delights with our Clatronic Ice Cream and Yogurt Maker. Immerse yourself in a world of delicious ice cream and refreshing yogurt, effortlessly created with just one machine.

Our 2-in-1 machine is a true multitasker, giving you the freedom to explore culinary wonders. Whether you crave sweet ice cream creations or healthy yogurt, our ice cream and yogurt maker fulfills all your desires.

Preparing your favorite treats is incredibly easy and quick. In just 20-25 minutes, fresh ingredients transform into tempting ice cream or refreshing yogurt. No long waits, no complicated steps - simply enjoy!

The built-in professional compressor ensures fully automatic cooling, leaving you with nothing to worry about. No more cumbersome freezing or concerns about inconsistent texture. Our machine guarantees perfectly chilled delights at the touch of a button.

Share the joy with family and friends. With a generous capacity of up to 1000 ml, you can whip up enough ice cream and yogurt for everyone. Create cherished moments and savor culinary delights together.

And that's not all! Our set includes an ice cream scoop and measuring cup, making preparation even easier. No more struggling with measurements or fumbling with the ice. The accessories ensure perfect results every time.

Dive into an effortless ice cream and yogurt adventure! Let your creativity run wild and explore new flavors. And the best part? The included recipe suggestions inspire you with an endless variety of culinary delights.

Embark on your culinary journey now and discover the world of homemade ice cream and yogurt magic. With the Clatronic Ice Cream and Yogurt Maker, every meal becomes a special experience.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to pure enjoyment and elevate your everyday with homemade delights!

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